Tuesday, January 27, 2009

that's right india. that's cool india. that's awesome india.

now we have a solution for all our ills facing rural india. if those rural areas wants increased ground water level, then open that area to brutal mining even over the dead bodies of the local people who are opposed to the mining.

"Far from drying up streams, it will in fact lead to an increase in the ground water level," said Mukesh Kumar, head of the company's mining operations in Lanjigarh.

from when did brutal mining increase ground water levels? is there a precedent for this statement. also the ground water level and other water sources will get decimated by pollution due to indiscrimate and careless mining (both of which are common in india and other developing countries).

coming back, from when/where/which methodology/process/etc did mining lead to ground water increase?

looks like a wall street banker claiming his bank is sound and safe and the same time begging for bail out funds!!!

well in india anything is possible in india under name of fake developedment.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

as our 'beloved' war zero president bush leaves offices (at last americans woke up after 8 years of non stop disaster), you might want to catch up on his bushisms.

below one is icing on the cake on his bushisms.

"You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror."

foolish villagers. country brutes. illiterates. know-nothing guys. these guys want to take india to 18th century without 'developedment'.

it seems several thousands people are opposed to setup a paper mill in their middle. as hindu reports, below para catches attention.

Establishing a paper mill would adversely affect the environment and agriculture activities in 20 villages, including Kalthurai, Kottathurai, Vattamalaipudur, Perichipalayam, Andinaickanvalasu, Alangiyam, Kongur, Undarpatti, Vellaigoundenvalasu, Manakadavu, Karupaiavalasu, Keeranur, Velur and Velkaraipatti, they alleged. This would also pollute the ground water. Over 2,000 hectares of cultivable land would turn barren and ultimately production of food grains would come to a halt, they apprehended.

what do they know huh? we need developedment guys. even if these villagers go to dust due to pollution, ground water loss, agricultural disaster - we need developedment.

after all ain't we the 'shining india', 'rising india', huh?

Monday, January 19, 2009

kudos to rasheeda bhagat on her very good writeup on the mumbai terror attack vis-a-vis pakistan's own situation.

when it is clear even to a monkey, that the terrorists who killed innocent mumbaikars, israeli's, americans and british (never mind the weirdness of their foreign secy miliband's remarks), pakistan clearly refuses to see the sun that is shinging as brightly as it can on its terror deeds.

remember one thing. if you ride a dog to attack others, it is just a matter of time before the dog turns on you and kills you. pakistan is riding the terrorism dog a long time and it just matter of coming months before the dog unleashes the fury on its 'owner'.

as rasheeda clealry points out, indians (and the world) is clearly not amused by pakistan's antics. like she puts it.
But in response, all we’ve had from Pakistan so far are a bunch of lies, a string of denials, stirring up of war hysteria, empty threats, crocodile tears and doublespeak of the most treacherous variety.

enough!!!!! it is time for pakistan to act and turn over the terror leaders to india. failing which india should go ahead and cut off full diplomatic, trade, cultural ties with that country followed by surgical strikes in co-operation with elite israeli commando's to dismantle the terror infrastructure that is being patronised in that nation by the rogue intelligence agency called isi.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

hindu's editorial correctly points out miliband's weird ideas on the mumbai terror attacks. as this blog has repeatedly pointed out, killing innocents anywhere in name of problem somewhere else is pure terrorism.

the editorial correctly concludes,
What is worse, importing the Kashmir dispute and the need to resolve it into a discussion of what Pakistan needs to do immediately about the Mumbai terror attacks is remarkably insensitive. Such ham-handedness plays into the hands of those who are in denial and rationalise violent extremism by finding ‘just’ causes for it.

wonder if a terror attack like mumbai originates from pakistan's isi and happens in london or newyork, whether the same miliband's will be talking same weird things.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

i think our honorable prime minister woke up from a long slumber. he has told that the satyam fraud is a 'blot on our corporate image'

that's right sir.

  • the fraud that is happening in bhopal wherein the world's biggest human industrial disaster is not a blot.
  • the fraud that built narmada dam throwing out lakhs and lakhs of people is not a blot
  • the fraud that is proposing to be happening in several dam building works on top of fake eia and local opposition is not a blot
  • the fraud called athirapally dam in kerala amidst fake eia, strong local opposition and tribal displacement is not a blot
  • the massive land scam in independent india called SEZ is not a blot
  • i can go on and on.

the fact of the matter is, corporates have taken over government and when corporates and government mix, the cocktail that results will be a huge fraud as has been listed out in above cases.

satyam is just a cream on the cake called fake developedment in india.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

fox news has an interesting coverage on the satyam-world bank fiasco.

The great irony is that for many years, the World Bank has pushed hard for countries and institutions that take its money to be transparent, engage in "good governance" and expose their own corruption at every turn. On its website, the bank lists of hundreds of vendors and individuals who it has sanctioned for corruption in bank projects. But the bank list has never included firms that work directly for the bank.

in that coverage, the above para seems to suggest that world bank has 'pushed hard' on its side with respect to its borrowers to be more transparent.

how so? has world bank been transparent in funding stupid and unsustainable dam projects, has world bank been transparent in its dealing on environmental impact reports, has world bank been transparent in funding government development projects vis-a-vis forests.

the answer is no. even in the narmada dam case, it took huge efforts and pressure to make the world bank see reason.

no wonder, corruption is very prevalent. who cares dude? as long as 'developedment' of the 'rich' happens, world bank executives take a fat pay cheque every month.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

outrageous, disgusting, fraud, no rights - these are not the words that can explain the outrageous government act that it is trying to bail out satyam by paying satyam expenses, salaries, etc with potential money for bailout ranging from 500 to 2000 crore rupees.

somebody should stop this NONSENSE. msn viewers are right bang on here in opposing the bailout.

in a country where hundreds of millions of people live in desperate situation earning barely 50 rupees a day (close to a dollar), the government talks of bailout out high paid highly educated and software code factory employees of satyam.

satyam should be torn down and with help of satyam clients should be given to other IT companies. satyam confidence with customers is zero and with that satyam potential to get new clients is absolute zero.

although the fraud is not of satyam employees orignation - in dog-eat-dog-corporate-world, in corporate-destroy-environment&tribals, corporate-are-the-greatest-story-in-free-market - a poor country like india should use the money for education, rural heath care, environment protection, drinking water, etc and NOT on a company that is sinking faster than titanic did.

let this fake development of india stop atleast now or else more non sense like satyam bailout will be the norm of the day.

as dr.samuel says in his post (below), india's officials and urban wealthy have been dancing on dead bodies of india's farmers. has somebody ever bailed them out.
Dr. S. N. Samuel: I am strongly against government bailing out multi-million dollar companies when they go bust. Does the government bail out poor farmers when they get into debt to the point of committing suicide?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

where do i stand on the israeli aggression on gaza. am i really using the word 'aggression' here.

couple of points. first on israel's side.

1. hamas, a terrorist organization, that has vowed to wipe out israel from world's map won due to fatah party's wide spread corruption.

2. having done that they then quickly escalated it to an agenda of gaza against israel.

3. firing continuous rockets onto israel, hiding bomb's in people's middle, using human beings as shields, etc are some of their backend terror tactics

4. an impotent and incapable leadership like india will keep quiet if rockets fall into india. but not israel. so naturally hamas rocket making/launching/smuggling capability has to be hit.

5. terrorism is terrorism. as plain as that. there are no quarters in that. whether it is 9/11, 26/11 or hamas rockets - all are same.

couple of points. against israel.

1. hitting gaza with huge tons of bombs makes sense to take out hamas capacity. but causalities also has to be watched. israel should have definitely launched commando attacks first on crucial hamas targets and then followed by air attacks if needed. in this way civilian casualities could have been minimised dramatically

2. opening of vital gaza crossings for children, women and injured a must. this is needed so that humanitarian needs are taken care.

3. israel should have clear hamas terrorists leadership target. they should launch precise attacks on rockets sites, terror leadership positions sparing civilian incursions as much as possible. the cowardly terrorist hamas, no different than pakistan's isi agency or al qadea, has to be taken out but with minimal civilian casualties.

4. work with saner palestinan elements so that common palestinaians would be treated as equal to an average common jew. everybody is a human being and each one deserves respect and opportunities. blockade of normal palestianans would mean that majority of civilians live under oppressed economic conditions which means more joy for terrorist organizations like hamas.

let us be very clear. pakistan's isi or al qaeda or ltte or hamas - these groups need to be shown blood in real terms. only then they can be silenced and sanity prevail.

for short term, terrorism has to be wiped out. long term israel has to live as good neighbours. then only we can gurantee peace in the region.

with great power comes great responsibility. after this flush out operation, let's hope israel shows much more responsibility in bringing about lasting peace.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

karan thapar, as we all know, is a hard hitting journalist. he has written a piece about the outrageours, disgusting, disgraceful, inhuman, un-democractic arrest and illegal detention of binayak sen by the chattisgarh government.

you can catch it up here.

But until then, the cry of a wife whose husband has been in jail for 19 months, facing a trial that could drag on for years, despite appeals for his release from 26 Nobel laureates and most of the civil liberty associations in India, needs to be heard. We would be heartless and wicked if we are deaf to such cries.

as we condemn the murderous terrorist attack by isi sponsored thugs and lunatics on mumbai, we need to take the same brush and condemn very strongly the state sponsored attack on dr.binayak sen.

indeed across india and across the world, when government acts in lunatic fashion like in binayak case, the condemenation should be swift and stronger. the terrorists and the state sponsored terrorism in this case are both one and the same.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

this picture by hindu on a kashmir protest caught my eye. kashmir has now cooled off a bit. relentless terrorism from pakistan based isi is ebbing slowly, local youth have become wary and elections seem to be giving local people a gateway to elect good honest leaders to power.

i know i am trivializing the kashmir problem. but with brutal terrorism fuelled by isi backed jihadists taking a small break, it is time for india to move swiftly and prove to the kashmir youth that india is their country, india offers much more secular, economic and civilian prosperity. the youth of kashmir like in the picture should be the crown jewel of india's youth and not lathi bashed youths.

india needs to invest in its own people and what better way to start from jammu and kashmir. some basic things such as honest government, accountable officials, well equipped and well paid accountable police officers, well protected borders, sustainable economic policies, clean drinking water and sanitation, women's rights - all can be started with jammu and kashmir as the focus. simple and basic things that are taken for granted in say britan or america. but a HUGE thing in india :-)

oh is it? i did not know that for sure.

FICCI and CII, however, said the Satyam episode should not be seen as a blot on all the Indian firms.

as raju, the disgraced ceo of satyam software becomes the poster child for india's pampered and corrupt companies, the industry lobby quotes as above.

oh is it? all companies are god's angels and only satyam is rotten.

when indian companies can thrash poor triabls, kick poor farmers in their stomach, forcibly acquire tens of thousands of acres of land in name of 'development', pollute india's mother rivers like shit, they can do anything.

and raju is a classic example of india's corporate honcho's. the only difference is that raju has committed a huge accounting fraud whereas other companies do environmental and tribal fraud day in and day out.

oh is it cii? we all are dumb indians you know. to shake and nod our head in appreciation to the wonderful stuff india's corporates is doing for marginalized sections of india in name of 'fake development'.

(the disgraced chairman of un-satyam software. he is the poster boy of what's wrong with the macho, honcho, sez chewing, farmer kicking, tribal and environment thrashing indian industry)