Friday, September 09, 2011

development in full swing in a crucial forest area of western ghats.

lol. the industry, whether it is green or non green, want to thrash the environment first before they can even think of calling it a night.

Monday, September 05, 2011

mirror mirror on the wall,
who is corrupt of them all.

aint you tell me the top one
for everybody seems to be the looting one.

in the reddy bellary brothers episode, the yeddy-scam-urappa, the bjp has done no good for itself. it heads the only south india state ever in india's history.

yet, it is the most corrupt, inefficient, useless government perhaps karnatka has ever seen. shame on the people who voted the communal party to power.

add communal politics that combines corruption and you have garbage as a result.

bjp need not tie itself in knots. it needs to hang itself in knots. got to give credit to sonia/rahul/chidam/dig/manmohan team.

the massive corruption unleashed with massive looting of money, natural resources, minerals and people's tax money seems to be inviting action.

in 2g scam, although progress ought to have been faster, you have got the daughter of one of india's richest politicians and powerful regional chieftain in jail. you have got all-you-can-loot-kalmadi in jail. you have seen action in adarsh nasty housing scam.

now you have the much needed action in bellary case involving the reddy brothers who was indicted big time by lokayutha.

welcome action indeed by the sonia/rahul/chidam/dig/man team.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

no ma'm, it ain't "development". it is called "developed-ment".

legendary cse director asks

There is no policy for siting and number of ports in the country. The Central government knows only about “major” ports and leaves the rest of the business—permission to locate and build other ports—to state governments. There is no distinction between a major port and a state port. It is just a matter of how many one can fit into the coast as fast and profitably as possible. Nobody, therefore, knows how many ports are being built. Nobody cares about the cumulative impact on rivers of sand.

Surely, this cannot be called development. Can it?

no. hell no. hell hell hell no. but aren't we mistaken. india's development is actually for the developed. so we can call this "developed-ment".

i am back...hopefully i will post one or two posts on 'development' in india :-)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

if i am a betting guy, i would bet on reddy brother's in bellary. they bought yedurrappa to his knees, made him cry in public and won in handsome manner the first round last year.

now, they will do it again. as spineless india's prime minister, dummy karnataka CM, toothless judiciary and 'developedment' focussed home minister and finance minister, i would be happy to bet on reddy's to continue the loot in bellary.

cbi inquiry. please do so. i would bet against that too.

if govt itself can loot in chattisgarh, in jharkhand, in madhya pradesh, why not reddy brother's in bellary. 'developedment' should be the same for everyone right?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

rape and loot. development in india at full swing.

please catch up on the sad bellary situation in tehelka.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

there are many avatar's in india. not only in orissa as reuters points out.

and many more avatar's need to happen to stamp out fake development for sure!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

mr. ramesh is indeed a lonely man. in india, when you talk against fake development, you are indeed lonely.

but his orders on bt.brinjal, athirapally hydel project, goa mining stoppage, etc are HUGE for india.

you can be lonely sir, but you cannot afford to leave alone our crucial environment and forests alone.

please continue your good work.

indeed, as mr.ram says, it is a sad day for india. when the renowned painter mr.hussain is living in a forced exile, it is not only a sad day but a shameful day for india.

the land of gautama and gandhi should hangs it head in shame when its famous painter is being chased by rabid fanatics.

india should take all steps to bring hussain back and hussain should not be fearful in showing his paintings. art cannot be censored. taliban censors art. india does not.