Friday, September 09, 2011

development in full swing in a crucial forest area of western ghats.

lol. the industry, whether it is green or non green, want to thrash the environment first before they can even think of calling it a night.

Monday, September 05, 2011

mirror mirror on the wall,
who is corrupt of them all.

aint you tell me the top one
for everybody seems to be the looting one.

in the reddy bellary brothers episode, the yeddy-scam-urappa, the bjp has done no good for itself. it heads the only south india state ever in india's history.

yet, it is the most corrupt, inefficient, useless government perhaps karnatka has ever seen. shame on the people who voted the communal party to power.

add communal politics that combines corruption and you have garbage as a result.

bjp need not tie itself in knots. it needs to hang itself in knots. got to give credit to sonia/rahul/chidam/dig/manmohan team.

the massive corruption unleashed with massive looting of money, natural resources, minerals and people's tax money seems to be inviting action.

in 2g scam, although progress ought to have been faster, you have got the daughter of one of india's richest politicians and powerful regional chieftain in jail. you have got all-you-can-loot-kalmadi in jail. you have seen action in adarsh nasty housing scam.

now you have the much needed action in bellary case involving the reddy brothers who was indicted big time by lokayutha.

welcome action indeed by the sonia/rahul/chidam/dig/man team.