Saturday, February 21, 2009

you want to catchup on a weird news and a real good news then you can do it easily.

the weird news is that our noble prize winner dr.sen wants to forget we are in a recession and act like we are NOT in a recession.

the real good story is that of a young man returning back to his village to make a positive contribution.

well, dr.sen, how about some sub prime loans for you and your friends :-)

Monday, February 16, 2009

can some 'ceo' in the world (of course who is not begging for tax payer bailout money) clarify the below statement of one of their buddies.

Stating that there was a need to strike a balance between development and environment...

when we hit tribals in niyamgiri with forced eviction is that a 'balance'?
when we hit several lakhs of tribals on fake eia in narmada dam project is that a 'balance'?
when we brutalize farmers in name of SEZ, is that a 'balance'?
when we rape million year old ecosytems like athirapally, is that a 'balance'?
when we pollute all our mother rivers so easily, is that a 'balance'?
when we have not still given proper compensation for world's biggest industrial disaster in bhopal, is that a 'balance'?

or is the ceo saying Stating that there was a need to strike a balance between balance sheets and environment...

perhaps our ceo's need more bailout money and then perhaps they will talk sensibly!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

sunita narain has an excellent editorial on the satyam saga. she has captured, as this blog has been pointing out- how corporate india has over-riden political/human india with greed, corruption, fakism, SEZ, displacing tribals, forcibly seizing land with huge political influence, you name the nastiness and it's there-how satyam saga will unravel in 'developed india'.

when rich people commit filthy things in name of developedment, it is okay. when rich ceo's commit fraud in name of company growth, it is okay. when rich industrialists hit in the stomach of tribals and seize their land, it is okay.

mahatma's india has become okay india!!!