Sunday, June 10, 2007

why this blog?

to answer this question, we need to ask further more questions.

why take an opposite, but necessary, view on development? why point out 'negative' facets on the movement of development? why not point out the 'benefits' of development?

why need to establish a balance between real growth and fake development? why be concerned about environment, when india can become easily urbanised like america and plunge forward into 'global' world? why should we care about forests, rivers, wetlands, grasslands, air quality, tribals, marginalised people who depend on vital environmental parameters, etc when all of us can enjoy the 'benefits' of development by means of access to more capital (money)?

many more questions spring up when i asked myself "why this blog"?

many thousands questions would be crossing cseindia everyday as they pioneer india's environmental balance and awareness.

the thought provoking leader page article from cseindia answers their own questions and india's vital questions. questions regarding correct growth and real development.