Monday, June 04, 2007

india, an emerging superpower (as per the development mongers), is on a high with nuclear talk.

with america-india bhai bhai relations, india thinks that having nuclear plants in tens of numbers (perhaps hundreds of numbers) it can bring light to the entire nation. india's policy makers have conveniently brushed aside the fact that same nuclear technology has been rejected by communities across america, so that not a new nuclear plant has been built for past nearly 25 years.

in india, the same policy makers assume (or shall we call it brushed aside), the fact that the local communities on whose land the nuclear power plants can come, will oppose the plant.

so conveniently, dallying megawatt mangoes, development rumours and gdp inflated points, these policy makers, nuclear authorities of govt departments, are bulldozing ahead with america india bhai bhai talk.

hindu had a detailed report on the public hearing on the koodankulam nuclear power project, the project that is coming up russian support.

as expected local people seems to be agitated and rallying against the power plant.

one thing is sure, if america india bhai bhai nuclear accord is signed we will see protests on much larger scale all over rural coastal india against the fake development. a development wherein a section of society benefits from the electricity generated from the dangerous impacts of nuclear plants to millions of coastal people.