Tuesday, May 29, 2007

as expected, the kerala cabinet has rejected the buffer zone proposal of silent valley national park.

kerala govt, is moving cleverly in pitching athirapally and pathrakadavu head to head and hoping to move athirapally inside with the argument 'don't oppose all 'development' projects'.

when it comes to 'development', projects more than people matter and when it comes to electricity projects, it is being pitted as choose one irrespective of destruction that the 'project' presents.

interestingly declaring a small area in the crucial vembanad lake also got rejected. i don't know the exact details but from the report it looks like a much needed one for the badly abused lake which is crucial for livelihood, sustainable tourism and natural might that it presents.

well, when the policy is blind with respect to nature preservation and human development vis-a-vis gdp growth, crucial bills like these will never see the light of the day.


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