Monday, May 21, 2007

global warming is a huge threat to india.

global warming is accelerating at a huge pace. while developed countries like by american government has paid no heed to call to tune their policies on global warming, china and india is gleefully following the leaders.

global warming is a threat to developed countries. but the same global warming will be a disaster to india.

himalayas, with its receding glaciers, might potentially make several rivers including ganges run dry in next decade or so.

our outgoing moef minster mr.a.raja makes a funny remark and i quote hindu "We are the lowest polluter. According to Kyoto Protocol, we are safe and cannot make any commitment on further reducing emission levels,"Raja said.

"we are the lowest polluter" - this is probably the understatement of the decade. india 90% of rivers are polluted, india's cities have bad air that ranks top in asia, india's car emission standards are poorest in the world, india's coastal region are nothing but a tsunami of chemical factories, india's aqua farms belch pollutants to virgin coastal lands, the list is endless.

india's environment and forests minister, did nothing on his ministry to gear india to face the challenges. on the external front, india did nothing to show it can run much cleaner and force developed countries to follow suit.

all india is doing is taking 'we are cleaner than thou when it comes to emissions'. the reality is we are not cleaner, we are not efficient and we cannot force developed countries to go clean.

when all the indian government is concerned is the 9.2 gdp growth, we are blind to the huge local pollution let alone global pollution and its serious effect on india.

(himalayas face huge threat due to global warming with a direct disastrous consequence of making india a huge desertland due to lack of water from the several rivers that originate from himalayas)


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