Friday, May 18, 2007

a petition drive by icjb on the need to prevent DOW and IIT trying for a tie up.

shameless, will be the word when IIT ties up with DOW
killers, will be the tag when IIT ties up with DOW
money mongers, will be the synonym when IIT ties up with DOW
killer development, will be the trajectory of development when IIT ties up with DOW

a prestigious and crucial institution should not tie up wtih DOW which has so far not done anything to solve the crisis that pollution affected families of bhopal disaster still face.

The Indian Institutes of Technology are some of the most advanced schools in the world, known and respected worldwide for their commitment to excellence.


So why are they considering a partnership with Dow Chemical?


You’ve heard of Dow.


They refuse to clean up the poisons their fully-owned subsidiary, Union Carbide, left behind in Bhopal.


The issue is settled, they say - “ $500 is plenty good for an Indian.”


However Union Carbide remains a fugitive from Indian law. Dow says they won’t allow Carbide to appear for trial because India has “ no jurisdiction.”


In 2005, the Global IIT Conference tried to honor Dow’s Chairman by inviting him to keynote the event. 1300 IIT alumni called for his invitation to be recinded, and he quietly withdrew.


Now Dow is trying to buy their way into the IITs.
If you’re an alumni, sign the petition.
Tell the IITs not to deal with a company that scorns India’s law and perpetuates the suffering of its citizens.

Help us make sure the IITs do the right thing. To get involved, contact:
Priya Ranjan, IIT alum:
Sudarshan Suresh:


Ryan Bodanyi
Coordinator, Students for Bhopal
(401) 829-6192


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