Tuesday, May 15, 2007

there is a simple but brilliant slide show on the dangerous impact of the proposed puducherry(pondicherry) harbour by cseindia.

it shows vividly how a beautiful place has been turned into an unsustainable destructive place for whole of puducherry, all in name of 'development' which rode on the back of fake environmental impact assessment(eia) and false promises - just like most of big ticket projects in india is being conducted.

as expected the locals are severely opposing this new harbour and medha patkar is scheduled to visit the place.

whether it is the mighty gujarat government that ruthlessly crushes opposition for the fake narmada dam or whether it is the tiny puducherry government - the trend is the same. lies, lies and more lies riding on top of flawed eia and false promises on the project. the end result - politicians and contractors make a killing whereas environment, local people and tax payers suffer a huge loss.

who cares- when it all adds to the gdp figure that our finance minister touts - when it creates the illusion of development.


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