Wednesday, May 02, 2007

periyar river sorry state has been catalogued in this blog many a times.

one recent hindu article summarises briefly but very effectively the sorry state of the majestic, crucial and lifeline river. for several years, the successive government has done just a lip service and not done anything concrete to fix the problems that is being faced by periyar.

when rivers like periyar is dying, india cannot be shining or rising. majority of india can only be dying and a tiny section can be rising.

coupled with this, total lack of enforcement/monitoring/regulation from crucial government pillars such as pollution control boards/environment, health ministries/ministry of environment and forests(moef)/etc + zero environmental awareness among common people + total neglect on part of government since india is already 'shining' and 'rising' - all causes periyar and other such rivers to die a sorry death.

(Waste from Aluva market being dumped in the Periyar, the major source of drinking water for the residents of Kochi.)


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