Tuesday, May 01, 2007

i was little late in knowing about the unfortunate demise of krishna narain (KN).

i have not met him but have heard a lot about him. he has left his wonderful marks on various wildlife/forest related events all through western ghats. his work in banarghetta national park amidst heavy pressure from politicians, builders and quarry owners has been a remarkable one.

banarghetta national park (bnp) is probably the only national park in the world that lies so close to a major city (bangalore in this case) and that has viable wild elephant population.

bnp is a tiny 104 sq kms forest area that is being brutalised for quarrying, buildings, etc. this vital lung is being lost slowly and bangalore will be the biggest loser ever if this lung goes away.

KN had written an article on the need to proctect bnp. he suggests various practical ways in which the crucial bnp can be protected and he ends with a clarion call as,
"If Narayanmurthys, Nilekanis, Premjis and Sootas pitch in, we may well be able to save this beautiful national park that exists literally in the back yard of Karnataka’s silicon valley!"

will bangalore which hosts lots of millionaires and billionaires pitch in terms of efforts, time and money to stop the raping of bnp.

or will KN call be just a news article??


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