Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the report from the dfo (district forest officer) on the proposed pathrakadavu project was scathing. this destructive hydel dam project that will generate around 2.8% of kerala's electricity (70mw of additional power to existing 2500mw) will be fatal for silent valley national forests, kunthipuzha tributary and bharatpuzha(nila) river.

in india, when it comes to development, destruction is the preceding word as india officials and politicians throws all environmental laws to the dust and india's upper middle class grins on the more luxury they are getting oblivious to the fact that massive destruction is happening every day to our vital ecosystems.

( On the bed of the Bharathapuzha in Kerala. The river, which once had a perennial supply of water, now goes dry immediately after the monsoon months. The latest fancy project on kunthipuzha tributary will be last nail in bharatpuzha coffin).


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