Sunday, April 22, 2007

when sunita narain, it stays written - strongly at that.

her latest editorial on goa is a slap on those ill-educated people who tom tom that mining is crucial for india as it benefits people in terms of job, benefits our gdp for growth, benefits the government in terms of revenue.

in one para she shreds the wrong facts that is being touted by sections of media, politicians and industrialists.

It is clear that the stakes are high. Today, even if we assume prices of iron ore at $50 per tonne, mining companies in Goa would have made a neat $1.15 billion last year. All the miners pay to the state is royalty, calculated on each tonne mined. Even if we assume the highest rate of royalty, the state government would have earned $5 million or just peanuts if we compare it to what private companies are raking in. Clearly, there is no public benefit in this business. Only costs.

india's development comes at a huge cost to large section of people who depend on environment and goa is a basket study in this. goa, like the rest of india, can choose which path to go. the path of sustainable development or the path of looting, thrashing and destroying of environment in name of development.
(mining sector is probably one of the worst sectors in the red tag industrial sector when it comes to wilful pollution, mass destruction of environment, forcible eviction of marginalised people including tribals, etc. the words like sustainable, communities, modern technologies to eliminate pollution, acknowledging the brutal impact of mindless mining on environment, etc are unknown to this sector. the above image shows a mindless mining instance in goa)


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