Friday, April 06, 2007

samata, an ngo, based in andhrapradesh has announced local community efforts to highlight the destruction of proposed bauxite mining in eastern ghats mountain regions of andhra pradesh.

eastern ghats forest ranges are very crucial rain water and river water system for millions of people. from samata,

"The bauxite-rich hills act as a vast sponge soaking in the rainwater and retaining it, thereby recharging the streams and rivers flowing in the region.

The water is then used to meet the needs of the plain areas. The hills rich in bauxite are found in the Eastern Ghats extending into Orissa from our State," he stated.

kalpavriksh has stated in a study titled `Undermining India', that bauxite mining in Visakhapatnam would adversely affect the river systems of the Gosthani, Machkund, Sileru and Sarada.

why would we care. after all monteary growth and development for a few in india is of paramount importance than rivers, rain water ecosystem and mountain ranges of tribals. right?

(eastern ghats is very crucial for millions of people in terms of riverwater system, rainwater system, tourism, livelihood for tribals, etc. proposed bauxite mining in eastern ghat region will surely kill these vital parameters. destruction in name of development is the mantra of new india. above picture shows the majestic eastern ghats ranges in vizag and below picture shows eastern ghats ranges and agricultural activity nearby.)


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