Monday, April 02, 2007

mumabi, as we all know, is a great city. its people are great, it has never said no to anybody who comes there seeking a living, its bollywood industry, although a poor copy of hollywood movies most of the times, gives employment to vast number of people, etc.

there is a famous saying which tells that 'if you are going to mumbai for a living, then you wont sleep a night with an empty stomach'.

but knowingly or unknowingly, the same mumbai is an energy guzzler. with its voracious appetite of wasting energy, its unsustainable buildings built without a single thread of green concepts eats up more energy than the state of kerala.

and this development is very unhealthy for maharastra coastal regions which is getting slammed in name of coal power plants.

and the article says as below,
But this stopgap recourse could prove costly in the long summers to come. And if the power firms fail to buy power by Tuesday, Mumbai could well be powerless for an average of 30 to 45 minutes every day.

too sad.. 45 minutes a day without power is too sad for mumbai. but much sadder and saddest is the pollution that is slamming maharastra coast via coal power plants that gives electricity to mumbai.

mumbaikars has to act asap to cut down their electricity needs and go natural via trees, shrubs, plants, etc in their homes/apartment, involve in massive conservation exercise, tell that electricity is a privilege and not a birth right. unless they do that the electricity guzzler that is mumbai will be a electricity monster very very soon.

(dahanu power plant in maharastra. power plants like these massively pollute local environment hitting the very livelihood's of thousands of fishermen, farmers, etc. but who cares, when it comes to development, electricity to unsustainable cities is of prime importance)


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