Friday, March 23, 2007

nowadays our honorable prime minister is totally confused it seems.

one day he says nandigram incident is a tragedy but SEZ will proceed.

next day he says t&d losses while delivering electricity is not tolerable and there is utterly no follow up idea/plan/strategy.

now he says,
"If all the developing countries of the world were to aim for a standard of living which is currently seen in the more developed countries, we need to reflect what the environmental consequences would be. Is our planet capable of sustaining a high consumption lifestyle for all its inhabitants? This is certainly a new challenge for which there are no ready-made answers," he said.

if india were to follow the development model of west, as it is happening now due to active encouragement and policies of the indian government, then there would be no india left to live.

our cities will be of huge trash due to massive consumption.
due to zero recycling habit/policies/monitoring/rules our suburban villages will be dangerously polluted by toxic trash.
our rivers which are already dying due to easy pollution will long be gone.
our urban air will be dangerously polluted as auto industries successfully lobby against stricter emission control in name of protecting jobs in obsolete production units.
india will be leading in creating carbon emissions along with china and america, thereby overtaking everybody in creating climate crisis on our own.

when india wants to follow development model of the west, as the PM is pointing out, the PM better put stricter policies/environmental rules/monitoring agencies/sustainable policies/green ideas/etc like the west so that at least we can live cleaner with a model to follow.

to tell that he has no ready made answers smacks of ignorance, a dangerous one at that.


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