Wednesday, March 14, 2007

here we go. we will be electricity surplus in next 4-5 years. i think there is an unwanted dash and couple of zero's missing. actually it should be 45000 years.

wait. not even that. with the huge wastage of power by urban elite, huge waste of electricity due to transmission and distribution losses (upto 40% of electricity generated is lost due to t&d losses even before it reaches the customer), zero green building concepts, it will take centuries before india can achieve power stability.

when india copies west in terms of 'development', one thing it has forgotten is that in west there is critical evaluation and correction along with environmental safeguards and people participation - all of which are absent from india's growth story.

well, when it comes to development, the story can be filmi rather than true as for politicians and press people of india, filmi style is what they are used to.


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