Wednesday, March 07, 2007

india's urban elite of upper middle class, rich class and richest class are really very poor people and india's development which benefits this section mainly has been geared in a fashion that best suited to pamper for this segment.

take this case. india's car tax has been repeatedly cut to pamper to this new rich segment. forget about farming, education, health - all neglected sectors - but the car sector which is in need for tax cuts so that cars can clog our city roads and pollute it to death.

in 2007 budget, our rich finance minister did a wonderful thing. he put a full stop to the tax cut for cars and instead put a 1% education cess on all cars sold. (hopefully he will maintian this trend and add 1% environment/roadspace/urban revival tax also).

below 2 pictures shows the contradiction. the first one shows that students from AP taking 10th standard exam sitting in mud floor as the school does not have benches. the second image shows sexy cars straddling india courtsey to the massive cuts in car excise tax in several budgets and other genorisities from the govt to fuel the one sided developedment.)


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