Thursday, March 01, 2007

news media like ndtv, cnn-ibn, etc chase news that relates to stocks, politics, money, etc. rarely do they talk about life, quality of life, development issues, environment, forests, tribals, etc.

but as a pleasant surprise there is a telling article in ndtv about how mumbai is gleefully and blissfully wasting electricity when rest of maharastra is facing huge power cuts.

from the article,
here's a shortage of around 5700 MW with blackouts of up to 14 hours a day, but Mumbai which is virtually protected from power cuts, doesn't seem to care.

Mumbai consumes over a good 18 per cent of the state's power supply everyday, of which, it ends up wasting nearly 20 per cent.

Take the example of a middle-class home there where people are out during the day. It uses an average of 560 units of power per month.

will the great people of the great city of mumbai wake up and save electricity and make sure that power is not wasted and coastal maharastra is not slammed with highly pollution coal power plants.


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