Wednesday, February 21, 2007

out of 2 river issues that is hot news in tamilnadu are palar and cauvery. the heavily abused palar river is in news because of andhra government plan to build a dam for irrigation purpose whereas cauvery is in news because of tribunal award.

but what is not in news is the abuse of both of these rivers on tamilnadu side.

infact the situation in palar @ kancheepuram is very alarming due to illegal and unsustainable sand mining. from the hindu report,
Sand was dug out from 25 to 30 feet depth at several points against the government stipulated 3-foot norm.

cauvery, as usual, is getting slammed due to dyeing/textile wastage pollution @ erode. mere taking bath in cauvery across several kilometers in erode will make sure you go to an emergency ward.

when it comes to development, our rivers, are just a pawn. a pawn for being abused, fought over and dismissed.
(gleeful dyeing is being done on river cauvery @ erode. cauvery in this stretch is dead)
(palar river faces huge assault and death at several places in tamilnadu due to tanneries/leather industry pollution, massive illegal sand mining, indiscriminate usage of ground water close to river bed)


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