Tuesday, February 13, 2007

under the jnnurm (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission) scheme, it seems, the urban areas that solicits funds have to have plans for bus transport in form of dedicated road lanes. bangalore, since does not have these kind of plans, can face issues getting the funds.

jnnurm scheme, per se, itself has been severly criticized as not accomplishable and one of the major weakness is that cities rushing to give some plan or diagrams or suggestions without even doing the basic feasibility studies or viability landscaping. the end result - huge amounts of money getting siphoned off in dummy schemes.

the approach should be atleast ground up, wherein important urban issues are identified, then solutions proposed and funds released and monitored with error correction mechanisms. instead this top down approach will breed contractor-politician nexus resulting in massive wastage of public money.

development, means it should address current problems and take care of those before diving into fancy concepts pumping huge amounts of money.

(above pictures of dinamalar newspaper shows the pathetic condition of pallavan transport corporation buses of chennai. the need of hour is to strengthen the public bus transport of urban areas with improved service, better pay for staff, timely service, good clean facilities in buses, internet based bus movement tracking and delivery of tickets, etc)


At 4:48 AM , Blogger Priya Nagesh said...

A specific addition to the requirements mentioned like timely service, better facilities - is that of toilet facilities for the Bus drivers and conducters. I am a regular bus-commuter in chennai city and see the pathetic state in which the toilets inside the bus depots are maintained - they are so unusable and look like ruins from an earlier century that the drivers come out and urinate on the walls of the depot, from the outside. (The stench is stomach-roiling btw, both the wall and the toilet) In some cases, there may be no toilet facilities at all in the depots. Perhaps the indian urban psyche, (this city at least) needs to cultivate sensitivity towards its service providers.


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