Monday, February 12, 2007

a small diversion in this post. sreesanth has been selected to play for india in the 2007 world cup. as an unabashed kerala fan, this is great news and with entire kerala we ought to celeberate this.

of late, in kerala on environmental side, it has been doom and gloom. mullaperiyar is caught in an unwanted tussle, athirapally dam is being bulldozed, patharkadavu dam (in the pristine silent valley national park) is slowing rearing its head, its numerous river is getting slammed by illegal sand mining and pollution, the stunning island of eloor is dying a slow death, forest encroachment is a rising threat - the list is endless.

amidst this environmental gloom, any news is a good news for me when it comes to kerala.

let us raise 3 million (not 3) cheers for our kerala hero who is the first keralite to represent india in world cup and let the opposing batsmen run for cover when he delivers his seam-perfect-boomers at them.


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