Thursday, February 08, 2007

above is an interesting ad that i downloaded from IE epaper version today. it says in an tantalising line 'how the rich get richer'.

well, i dont know how, but i can tell what is the impact of the 'richness'.

1. the trash that is being generated due to consumption of this rich section ends up in our crucial wetlands. the rich, super rich and super duper rich pay a teeny tiny amount for garbage and trash gleefully without worrying about the consequences of their rich trash.

2. the water that is being piped to these rich people travel several hundred kilometers - via several villages that dont have a single water connection - from a river that is already badly abused by pollution. the rich have no time for important things such as rain water harvesting or maintenance of ponds/waterbodies in their area which can improve ground water table and eliminate the need for piped water.

3. the electricity they use to power up their huge tv's/fridges/electronics gadgets, etc come at a huge cost to coastal areas which are being increasingly slammed by polluting coal power plants. the rich dont care to set up solar power housing system or solar water systems in their house.

4. a significant portion of the electricity comes from hydel power which terms comes at enormous costs to our forests and rivers and wildlife. there is absolutely no tax that the rich pay to make sure that these vital ecosystems are protected.

5. the rich, most of them, travel in fancy cars for their work. the already congested small urban area roads get slammed further. the enormous cost of building, maintaining and keeping the roads safe is not being passed on to these car users, thereby keeping the rich car owners merry and happy.

6. the fancy residences and apartments they live in has absolutely no green concepts build into it thereby wasting enormous energy during building construction and while living.

7. poor farmers who already face a brutal assault, getting evicted in name of SEZ and around 50% among those SEZ are in IT and construction sectors thereby making already enriched sections more richer.

8. from ipod to cell phone to car to tv stand, etc coming from mining of india's forests for which no sort of accountability is present.

perhaps the ad should read "how the rich get richer without caring for the environment".


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