Thursday, February 08, 2007

there was an amazing story in hindu that spot-billed pelican was seen in pallikarnai marshland. if you are aware, this marshland is one of the most abused wetlands in entire india with the urban elite gleefully dumping all their thrash in this vital ecosystem.

it is more amazing to see this endangered species visit in droves (200 as per hindu report). from the report,
A rough estimate by the naturalists reveal that nearly 200 spot-billed pelicans have migrated to the marshland to feed in the waters over the past month. Many of these birds have made a perch of the pylon of the high-tension cable in the area.

imagine what would happen if we dont dump trash, cap the landfill, tell the software companies to make sure they dont build on the marshland or block its corridor, put natural vegitation in place, etc. this place will be a site for the eyes with huge potential for sustainable eco tourism in which local unemployed youth can be tapped for training/employment.

only if we are able to see beyond short term maniac gdp gains and take a look at a longer term sustainable picture, we can bring in a model that can take care of our ecosystems and also take care of people who depend on those. (a spot biled pelican. one of the most endangered species of india with only around 2000 left)
(hindu picture showing the amazing birds in a power tower in pallikaranai marsh couple of days ago)


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