Monday, February 05, 2007

when it comes to our urban rivers, one thing is certain. it cannot be called rivers but should be called sewage canals. for instance. yamuna @ delhi should be yamuna sewage, adayar river in chennai should be adayar-sewage, mithi in mumbai should be mithi river, mus @ hyderbad should be musi sewage... the list is endless...

but in this excreta pollution lies india's development. a development that benefits the elite (10 to 30% of india's cities) and destroys the environment. sunita narain hits the head when she says,
This is not a parody. But this water-excreta tale is not unique to Yamuna or Delhi. This is the political economy of defecation where the rich are subsidised in the name of the poor, where the environment is discounted in the name of progress. This is the real excreta we must understand.

cseindia has a video made on this. a snapshot of this can be seen at youtube.

when it comes to development, we have to ask strong questions. questions that can question the development and not questions that can answer development. in the water-excreta by questioning how our sewage system works we can get vital answers on how we develop as cities and hence as a country.


At 5:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mithi River in Mumbai is one of the most polluted rivers. Central Government is trying to fix that. Hopefully one day, just like other major cities around the world, Mumbai will also have its "famous" river.


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