Friday, February 02, 2007

hindu businessline, ran a vivid article on the sand mining scenario in kerala. kerala, like most states of india, is witnessing a huge boom in construction and river sand is being quarried illegally, unsustainably and aggressively. the building companies (both big and small), consumers, government regulators have given sustainable green buildings a big good bye.

the effect of this is already proving detrimental to the water scenario of kerala and in coming years the situation wont be good unless strong action is taking on illegal sand mining.

many rivers such as periyar, pampa are already under huge pollution assault and massive sand mining like it is happening now will make these rivers die out leaving out only potholes.

when it comes to development, the sand mining case shows us that we have no clue on making development a sustainable one.

(the majestic pampa river now reduced to whimper in many places due to pollution and massive illegal sand mining)
(the pampa river @ pampa dogged by massive pollution from sewage and industries. picture copyright hindu businessline)


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