Sunday, January 28, 2007

when it comes to development in india, one thing is for sure. fudging of facts.

lies masked as facts, bulldozed on everybody including the people and the press. the classic case for this lies is narmada SSP project. last week, the chief minister of gujarat went gaga over the narmada dam by symbolically pouring the last concrete. the government took huge advertisements in newspaper telling that 1450mw electricity generated by the dam will be used for development of india propelling it further.

hydro electricity is a very controversial topic in india. india is a top dam building country in the league of america, china and brazil. but seldom have impact, usefuless, functioning of dams been studied by india to understand how we can plan for future cases.

the ngo PSS (parayavaran suraksha samiti) of gujarat has correctly pointed out the wrong facts of the government 1450mw lies. and they pointed out the lies and i reproduce from the link,
Prajapati argued that 1450 MW power and irrigation of 20.5 lakh hectares of land together is not achievable. “The government is assuming that there would be enough water to run the turbines at their full capacity, all day, every day. This is a misuse of science, as installed capacity is defined as maximum possible power or rated power, and everyone knows that the average power actually generated is always less than the maximum installed,” said Prajapati.

As per SSP planning documents and the government’s own reports, firm power or reliable, continuous power from SSP is only 439 MW, pointed out Prajapati. “On completion of the Narmada canal network of SSP and upstream dams, firm power reduces to a mere 50 MW as water will be diverted for irrigation rather than for electricity generation,” said the PSS activist.

when it comes to development in india, please add lies, false facts and bulldozed figures in the mix.
(a family hanging out in their submerging hut in narmada basin due to raising water. even now several tens of thousands of people have not been rehabilitated properly)

(activists including medha patkar protesting the submergence of villagers in narmada basin)


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