Tuesday, February 06, 2007

in bangalore(karnataka), in erode(tamilnadu) and in palakkad(kerala) - we have a common thread.

no it is not about cauvery. but it is about chemicals and how we as a nation is handling this issue.

in bangalore, as hindu reports, it was able to easily obtain dangerous chemicals and this dangerous chemical is directly hitting women as acid attacks keep on increasing.

in erode, our tanneries and dyeing units that market for american companies such as wal mart, sears, JC Penny, target, etc cooly dump the sludge into the road that is frequently used by thousands of rural people. dumping these discarded chemical output is a huge illegal act which not only destroys the local enviornment but also cause serious respisratory issues for human beings espeically children.

in palakkad, the old monster endosulfan is again rearing its head. although banned in kerala, this dangerous pesticide can be found easily in tamilnadu side and the farmers take these and use it illegally to increase the farm output. endosulfan is a very dark chapter in india's agriculture.

guru of wpsi has extensive work done in this area and he has noticied, documented and brought to light the disaster of indiscriminate pesticide spraying in the palakad district.

worst still, the mangoes using endosulfan is gleefully consumed by indians and also exported to western countries who are blissfully unaware of the details.

when it comes to 'development', everybody is unaware of the real things, i guess.
(sludge dumped cooly on roadside in erode. picture copyright hindu newspaper)
(endosulfan mangaoes from palakkad district consumed gleefully by indians and westerners. picture copyright guru.)
(dead butterflies in Muthalamada. the butterflies and many other wild species succumb due to assault of pesticide cocktails used illegally. pic copyright of guru.)


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