Wednesday, February 07, 2007

what's the commanlity between kargil in kashmir and Ambaragudda kargal forest region of kodachadri in sagur taluk of shimoga district.

one was bombed by non-indians and other is being bombed by indians. but the result is same - destruction. kargil is destruction by death and the kargal is destruction by 'developedment'.

the ambaragudda was mined secretly couple of years and faced stiff opposition from all sections of the society. but as per hindu report, now 'steps' are being taken to 'revive' the mining in this area.

when it comes to developedment, secrecy is the mantra. because if done openly in a transparent manner, most of the fake development like this illegal mining will never happen. and in this secrecy and abuse of laws lie the difference between true development and fake development.

(below are some of the breathtaking images of the forest region. all copy rights belong to the respective individuals of flickr.)


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