Wednesday, February 14, 2007

one of the important 'development' in india is how it treats its sewage. or perhaps how india does NOT treat its sewage. or perhaps how india does not acknowledge it is NOT treating sewage correctly even though each civic body involved tom toms that sewage is being treated properly.

most of the sewage end up polluting our rivers and in turn reaches coastal areas. untreated sewage and wilful industrial pollution are proving to be a double whammy for our coastal areas. from the link,
Untreated domestic sewage, as much as and perhaps even more than treated industrial effluents, is irreversibly sullying the coast, according to a recent study done by the project directorate of the Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management under the Ministry of Earth Sciences. If this continues any further, the situation may get out of control within the next five years, the study warns.

now add aquaculture waste - from aquaculture farms which are already screwing up the environment - to the mix, you have a potent 'development' of india's coasts. with no planning whatsoever on sewage treatment or policies, india's coastal areas will be in a very bad shape in coming years.

but who cares. after all we flush our thoughts and jump on the 'developedment' bandwagaon right.

(the first picture shows sewage cooly passing through Bangalore city. the second picture shows people making customary visit to yamuna behind taj, although yamuna here is dirty and full of sewage. pics copyright of respective individuals @ flickr)


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