Wednesday, February 14, 2007

sanyo is planning to unveil a 'green tv'. it says the energy efficient tv will consume 20% less than normal tv's but also cost 20-25% more.

this is welcome news. not only power consumption but also the manufacturing process, the materials for the tv, its recycling ability, its recycling ease, etc should also be increased dramatically.

and also products like these should be 'eco friendly' certified so that consumers can have a choice. energy star certification pertains only to electricity reduction whereas eco friendly certification can go much beyond energy savings. similarly sectors such as textiles, shoes, cars, materials for cars, aviation sector, etc should promote eco friendly labels and products.

there is a huge category to be tapped here. are the old 'non green' generation listening? or will it play the old card of 'quarterly earnings', 'keeping wall street happy', 'bulk executive pay work', 'loss of jobs if pushed to green slogan', etc!!!


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