Monday, February 19, 2007

let's face the truth. cricket without india is like body without its head. indian companies and sponsors pump in huge amount of money making billionaries out of cricketers and most importantly making the board of cricket control of india (bcci) one of the richest sporting organisation in the world.

never mind, india's cricket stadium are in bad shape, never mind india's aspiring first class cricketers are paid a pittiance and never mind the pot bellied bcci officials who enjoy all perks without even played a first class game.

and to add to this never mind the ground staff who upkeep the ground for every international match india pays. they are improperly attired, very badly protected (from chemicals they spray on the grass), have zero work related equipments except the centuries old broom, dont have shoes when they work, dont have gloves when they do the hard work...the list is endless..

but when it comes to cricket, just like 'development' in india, the lower level staff does not matter at all. they are yet another body count in the process of making huge money for the executives.

(i took the above snapshot from youtube of the 4th odi between india and srilanka played in feb 2007. you can clearly see how badly the staff is equipped when doing the ground job)


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