Tuesday, February 20, 2007

here are 2 contrasting sides of india's 'development'.

one side is where corporates chase away tribals by ruthless force in order to acquire (using force most of the times) the land they live on.

on the other side is where corporates 'work' with the government to give benefit to tribals.

the first story is regarding the proposed mining in Sabbavaram in Visakhapatnam district of andhra pradesh. in the later instance is in the tribal areas so as to generate electricity for tribals using sustainable schemes such as micro hydel and solar power.

now herein lies the tragedy. the government is the middle man in both cases. in the first case, it is cahoots with the industries by loaning out police to quell the local protests against mining and in later case it is cahoots with the industry for the work (giving electricity via sustainable options) that it is supposed to do.

when it comes regarding 'development', the government is blind, because as middleman it does not care in working with the local communities as it intends to work with money minting corporates.


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