Wednesday, February 21, 2007

2 articles that tell the impact of indiscriminate SEZ planning on dalits.

one is the hindu article and other is the article written by anita ratnam of samvada.

when it comes to abuse or misuse of natural resources, forcible land acquistion, skewed agricultural policies, massive construction projects (dams, mines, etc) that is totally fake and unsustainable, the major people who bear the brunt are the tribals and dalits.

but hey, when it comes to development of india, these 2 segments dont matter at all. right.

after all gdp growth of india is driven by corporates that thrive on the environmental pillars of india such as land, water, forests, river and abuse and misuse them thereby inflating balance sheets and the gdp.

and the same gdp is not driven by people who depend on these crucial pillars of environment and can benefit/grow/prosper by sustainable and proper use of these resources.


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