Monday, February 26, 2007

kali river, runs in karnataka. its length is around 184 kms and it is a wild (perhaps the most wildest in india) river.

it travels steep valleys, it nourishes and get nourished by the majestic western ghats forests, it provides drinking water, tourism opportunites via white water rafting.

this river is also hugely abused. by pollution, by unsustainable and bulldozed dam building, by 'developmental' activities.

a major threat apart from dams is the heavy pollution from west coast paper mills at dandeli. from the article it is a sad story to see hundreds of villages living nearby the river NOT using the river water.
They noted that though there are hundreds of villages by the side of the river, the villagers do not drink its water. Mr. Hegde said he is not against the factories, which have given employment to over 10,000 people. His only demand is that the factories should treat the effluents before releasing them into the river.

now the west coast paper mills want to expand its capacity. in first place it is committing gross environmental and human violation by wilful pollution and on top of that they are expanding further.

needless to say when it comes to development, mindless is the correct word.
(the polluted kali river @ dandeli. hundreds of villages living in the kali river valley do NOT
use the water for anything as it is dangerously polluted)

(the majestic kali river. one of the wildest rivers of india, it is now a caged animal with its
flow cut off by unsustainable dams and abused by wilful pollution by mega industries)


At 11:12 PM , Blogger Raksha Varma said...

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