Thursday, February 22, 2007

the move by tamilnadu government to make auto's switch to CNG(compressed natural gas) is a momentus one. with tens of thousands of autos running non stop in chennai, auto's have become one of the sources of vehicular air pollution.

by making a switch to CNG, chennai's air will be much cleaner.

but the tamilnadu government should not stop with auto's. when the overworked auto drivers, who mostly get fleeced by the auto owners to make more money, are pushed correctly to go to CNG, the richer elite of chennai should also be done the same.

chennai should adopt much stricter air quality control norms for cars than prescribed by indian government. this can be on the lines of california which has superior air quality norms than rest of america. for households having car value of more than 3 lakhs (via one or more cars), air tax should be collected and the money used in equipping the air control stations, research and development, etc so that air pollution can be combated more aggressively.

also the government should push for increased public usage by declaring no 2-wheeler, no-cars, no-vehicles zones and also making the public transport much more attractive.

because when it comes to true development, how we live is also important on equal terms as how much money we have. like anil agarwal said, "time has come for us to demand ecological security just like we demand economic security".


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