Friday, March 02, 2007

here is the joke.

pollution control board of tamilnadu (tnpcb) is celebrating its silver jubliee.

the joke is the above line should read as below line,

pollution non-control board of tamilnadu is celebrating its silver jubliee.

virtually toothless, technologically starved, compromised severly by industries and pollution, tnpcb has miserably failed to do its job in being the leader of controling pollution, drafting environmental regulations, ensuring compliance of the laws, ruthlessly pursuing culprits who wilfully pollute the environment.

with such a sorry body governing tamilnadu's environment, no wonder most of tamilnadu rivers (that gave birth to tamil civilisation itself) is on verge of death, tamilnadu's coastal areas getting sucked into industrial pollution, massive illegal shrimp farms, sewage dumping, the air quality in all major places turning toxic... the list is endless.

as tnpcb celebrates its silver jubliee, tamilnadu's crucial enviornment mourns in the disaster that is happening.


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