Monday, March 05, 2007

as 'developed' india races to build polluting ultra mega power plants in fragile coastal areas in karantaka(tadadi, udupi), tamilnadu(cuddalore), maharastra(sindhudurg, others) - the price will be invariably paid by the people who live in these coastal areas - the farmers, fishermen and villagers.

cnn-ibn video on the nashik pollution issue due to coal power plant captures the nashik story in brief wherein the fly ash from nashik is slamming the local farmers and villagers.

apart from the overarching concern of global warming, the local unchecked pollution from these coal power plants is a huge cause of concern.

with nearly 40 to 50% of power generated being consumed by 'developed' urban elite india, this segment has to take a hard look at how they consume and live, if there can be any chance of our coastal areas and forests and dependent people on these ecosystems being able to live at all.

we cannot be telling, gdp, growth, massive consumption and trashing and live gung-ho, when our living throws off the majority of our ecosystem and people who depend on that.

on another plane, it is the moral responsibility of the news media to consistently highlight cases like this so that the 'developed' india that grows on stock market, real estate, bollywood and cricket, can also grow on crucial livelihood related issues, because without tackling livelihood related issues, all that the news media will ensure is that only one section of india becomes 'developed' whereas a majority of rest of india gasps for basic air, water and food.


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