Monday, March 05, 2007

all over india, one thing is certain in the new development that is going on.

the certainity is massive thrasing by the neo rich city elite. this section who is the most benefiting from IT boom, tax cuts, car excise tax cut, etc think that they can consume and trash and enjoy.

this educated segment unfortunately does not know that their counterparts in cities such as los angles, san francisco, etc do not trash but recycle as much as they can. although recycling in west is still catching on, in india, it is almost zero.

no wonder even tourist spots such as darjeeling wallows under human generated trash. a small girl susmita sakri got stuck in an avalanche of trash in the 'valley of garbage' in darjeeling and was dead on the spot.

like hindu editorial tells it is high time to act. act fast. or else our country will be fully trashed by the neo rich elite who has benefited the most from the one sided development.
"The key strategies to manage waste are well known and incorporated in the Rules: segregation at source, composting of organics, recycling, and for what remains, disposal in scientific landfills. The Susmita tragedy reminds us that there can be absolutely no excuse for local bodies, governments, and pollution control boards to continue to treat the Rules and the statute as a dead letter, with nobody held accountable for a horrific lack of compliance."

(unscientific, ill planned, zero regulated and contained landfill sites like the above all across india are common. poorly maintained they are the sympton of the neo rich development taking place. with almost zero focus on recycling, composting and reducing of waste, india's villages and city suburbs are taking the brunt of the trash culture of india)


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