Monday, March 12, 2007

hindu ran (who else will do critical and valuable stories other than hindu), an illuminating 2 day article on the proposed 1200mw in jaigad creek in maharastra.

this project will mean death blow to the farmers and fishermen of the region.

coal power plants are polluting anywhere in the world and given india's lax monitoring of pollution cases, these coal power plants will give a death kiss to the farmers and fishermen of the region.

but when mumbai consumes and wastes huge amount of power, the politicians are under increasing pressure to feed the mumbai's (and other urban area's craze for electricity) and it means setting up dangerous polluting coal power plants in fragile coastlands of india.

development of india means one thing - death kiss to farmers and fishermen who depend on vital environmental pillars such as sea, rivers, mangroves, forests, etc for their livelihood.

a death kiss started by urban elite, taken further by politicians and used in a shrewed cunning manner by industrialists.


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