Wednesday, March 07, 2007

nowadays, i dont understand mr.tata of tata corporation at all.

first, he puts himself bang in the middle of forced land acquistion in singur and then goes ballistic complaining that 'rivals' are behind the agitation in singur.

next he offers, to clean up the union carbide site in bhopal in total violation of environmental of human laws and acting as a crude middleman for dow chemicals corporation.

now he touts his 1 lakh car as the car from heaven to take care of the ills of the transportation in india!!! and he wants government subsidy for it.
Speaking to select media here at the Geneva Motor Show 2007, Mr Tata said that the car will have no import content and will meet international safety (in terms of crash safety) and emission standards. He said that the car's price is still dependent on many factors, including the possibility of some incentives from the Government. But, in addition, it also depends on the fluctuations of components prices based on global commodity price swings.

as cseindia pointed out correctly, this car will kill urban india making it a choatic unwalkable, unlivable place with huge congestion and pollution (since indian car manufacturers have always blocked and lobbyed against strict emission controls, this 1 lakh car is no exception).

and why on earth, will government have to provide subsidy for 1 lakh car. when there are huge pressing issues for government (both urban and rural issues) why is a subsidy needed for a multi national corporation like tata to sell their cars.

funny is the talk of development in india.


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