Thursday, March 08, 2007

tata is in the news again. why not? when a mega company has thousands of crores of cash in its pocket and yet treats tribals, forests and the ecology disdainfully, why not will it not be in the news.

the latest is in bastar district of chattisgarh where force is being used liberally to quell tribal protests.

chattisgarh is a land that is upto 40% forested and around 30 to 40% of tribal population. the state government is merrily inviting all mining companies and pretty busy displacing tribals.

when it comes to development, chattisgarh is a classic example of how, india is working overtime to benefit a few at the cost of marginalised sections including tribals. the juggernaut has to run sustainably or else it will be a fake juggeranaut benefiting a few and screwing up a majority of disempowered people.

(below images shows the tribals of chattisgarh. chattisgarh is a hugely forested and has a very big tribal population. development should benefit tribals first and then outsiders. throwing out tribals and mining is not the way chattisgarh can develop and india can develop)


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