Tuesday, December 26, 2006

i am really surprised by the statement of tata chairman mr.ratan tata on the singur controversy.

as per him and i quote below,
"In his first substantive comments on the controversy in Singur, Ratan Tata has told NDTV that it's not just politics but also his business competitors who are encouraging the trouble in West Bengal."

why am i not surprised. governments all over india is using the old 1895 british land acquistion law all over india and are naturally facing protests including from environmentalists, ngo's, people's groups, etc.

when these group protest, the industry and govt brushed aside all of these with brute force. narmada, chattisgarh mining proposals, proposed coal power plants in coastal areas, sponge iron units all over india are mute examples of the industry+govt inept handling of real issues.

now tata is telling his competitors is fuelling the singur controversy. guess honda is involved since they are also planning a small car factory in india. ha haa...tata statement is the joke of 2006.

as a businessman, if i were in tata's shoes, i will have left singur long back thereby saving face of the embattled bengal CM and also making mamtaji a big heroine.

many governments can propose to give land to tata in a non controversial way. instead of thinking in business terms tata is surprisingly thinking on emotional terms.

but can tata stop their juggernaut?

(cartoon copyright of corpwatch)


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