Monday, December 25, 2006

what you see is NOT what you get. when it comes to development statistics as touted by india's officers, what you tell is NOT what is happening or what will be happening.

union minister of power mr.shinde famously said again that all rural households will be getting electricity.

wake up sir. please. india's tranmission and distribution loss is like 30 to 40%, india is chasing a nuclear utopia with america when america has not installed even a single new nuclear power plant in past several decades, coastal villages are protesting coal power plants due to the dangerous pollution it will cause, govt is sleeping on the huge solar power potential of india, green building standards are non exsistent, wind power is not being encouraged as it should be considering india's potential...the list of issues with power of india is endless.

and our minister tells of another developmental statistics which is blatantly wrong.

how wrong? it is a wrong between the east and west coast of america.

consider this. the narmada SSP project was being bulldozed on lakhs of tribals of gujarat and MP in name of water and electricity, there was no electricity whatsoever even after 50 years of independence in narmada villages. bilagoan is an example of this wherein an ngo installed a micro hydel plant.

you can see the project being done by villagers itself and was also washed away due to massive gujarat floods.

there are tens of thousands of villages like bilgoan that shinde does not talk and will not talk and there in lies the tragedy of developmental focus of the govt.


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