Monday, December 25, 2006

america is a great country. what america does today, the world does many years from now. (of course i am not going to talk about america's foreign policy :) ). by america, i meant american people and not american govt or its politicians :)

coming back, there was an article in san jose mercury news. as part of this article, a sub article titled environment and it ran as
"some companies remain reluctant to provide too much detail about the origins of their wood.
at a lowe's annual meeting in may, a shareholder proposed that the company issue an annual report on progress towards its environmental pledges.
the company board of directors disagreed saying lowe's does enough to publicise its practises. it unaniamously recommended a votre against the proposal."

c'mon, lowe. you can do better. by going green, by going open and by following certification process that is honest, by opening sections in your store that has products that are fetched sustainably and without environmental impact, by showing committment - you can sell more products than hiding behind english words.

if america, especially american mega companies goes honestly green, it can change the world. because america drives the world economics and hence the environment. by having environmentally friendly products/sections/etc in their stores american companies in various verticals like home goods, apparel, toys, etc can change how the world works.

will lowe wake up. will america, and its consumers - who are fanatic about low costs of products turning a blind eye to the impact that those low costs cause to the environment of developing world- wake up?


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