Saturday, December 23, 2006

what will you do, if you are living in a rural area, and bulk pharma companies are proposing to setup factory near where you live/fish/do agriculture/etc.

you run scared for life. as it is happening in vizag right now.

patancheru is a classic example of industrilisation running amok and adding value to gdp and reducing value to life.

as per the vizag hindu report
They said the discharge of wastewater and effluents from the unit - Hetero Drugs - would adversely affect fisheries in the region and "40,000 fishermen in 20 villages would be affected."
Mr Ch. Rajeswara Rao, convener of the Committee, said the construction should be halted immediately and a proper public hearing conducted to ascertain and address the grievances of local fishermen.

who cares about 40,000 fishermen. all we care is whether the bulk drug units can earn foreign exchange for the govt and add value to gdp and then we will have economists like amartya giving shy pollution talks.

i was in eloor in dec 2005 and was shocked to see the destruction. eloor can give cancun a run for its money. with sun kissed beach island, the majestic (but dead) periyar, mangroves, kerala's laid back atmosphere all forming a great combination.

but due to wilful industrial pollution, eloor is now a ghost town where you cannot breathe freely, where you cannot drink water without fear of getting cancer and where you will see multi colored dangerous toxics all around.

let us not create more eloors in name of fake development. the above and below pictures show the pollution in eloor.


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