Wednesday, December 13, 2006

i read an article in today's hindu presents a sorry picture of the trees trunk-cut in marine drive in cochin.

when i was in dec 2005 in cochin and suburbs, greenery in roads was almost absent (to put it mildly). it was a surprise to see that a kerala that is (or was it 'was') proud of greenery has no vital urban greenery.

below are some pictures from i had taken in cochin and suburbs (like alwaye). infact streets of alwaye has been wiped out clean of trees.

urban greenery is an important part of any urban area. india, by 2025, will have like 500 million people living in urban areas and it is very vital these greenery be nourished and preserved. singapore is a classic example wherein each and every inch of the small place is green carpeted.


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