Monday, December 11, 2006

sethu project was conceived amidst severe protests from local people and fishermen. It has a murky past and was executed in a murky way.

now after several months of the project, the fishermen are asking, 'well, you have digged the channel. can you please show where is it'.

"Till today the channel is not there. That's what we claim because fishermen have personally visited the area and if they have dug something of 12 metre it should be there. It's not there and the Sethusamudram Corporation is also not willing to show," said Jesurathinam, convenor, Coastal Action Network.

oh..oh so where's the channel.

"The undercurrents are very strong, so even when they dig the sand it comes back to the same spot," said Sivasankar, fisherman.

'The channel is getting ready and will be shown open only upon completion' says the project proponents.

well, if work has been going on successfully for past several months, shouldn't the fishermen and the public be taken into confidence because they are the one who are directly impacted by the channel. is the channel some sort of building project which can be masked and hidden from public till 'grand opening'.
(p.s: picture courtsey: dinamalar)


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