Tuesday, November 28, 2006

please catch up on the cycle rally - highlighting cuddalore pollution -that started on nov 28 either at aidindia blog http://nity.aidindia.org/wordpress/ or sipcot blog http://www.sipcotcuddalore.com/updates_281106.html

some quotable quotes are,

S.Ramanathan of SACEM ended the meeting with a memorable statement “they say that if the country wants to develop the youth need to dream, in SIPCOT youth beg of a good nights sleep in order to dream.”

The representatives from the West Gonur Farmers Association spoke about the condition of agriculture in Mettur. All wells are polluted in the vicinity of Chemplast and nearly 5000 acres of land has been wasted.

We also drank tender coconut water in Thyagavalli and it tasted absolutely fantastic in complete contrast to the tender coconut in SIPCOT. The reason for this according to the locals is the absence of industries in Thyagavalli. Similar experiences have also been felt in Mettur where the groundwater has been heavily contaminated.


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